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Best Main Line Coffee Shops

By March 29, 2019July 23rd, 2019Around Town

It’s important to have a favorite coffee shop. A cafe is a momentary escape, a breath of fresh air, and perhaps most importantly, it’s where you get your coffee. We all love Wawa, Dunkin, and Starbucks, but sometimes you just want a more relaxing, unique experience, and that’s where places like these come in. I’ve tried plenty of coffee in my life, but these Main Line coffee shops are far and away the ones who do it best. Whether you’re the type of person who likes your cafe to also feel like a bar, or you favor more of a quiet, refined experience there’s something on this list that you’ll love, I guarantee it.

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Looking to do some shopping after you have your coffee? I have a roundup of all my favorite shops on the Main Line, too.


Malvern Buttery – Malvern

Located on King St in Malvern, this picture perfect restaurant offers a wide array of hot and cold drinks at their coffee bar. They also serve delicious and healthy food in a unique buffet style. Lunch is served form 11:30-2pm. The coolest thing about this cafe is that they have what they call a “scratch kitchen.” This means that they make everything from scratch, every day! They love to experiment, and their menu rarely ever contains the same things twice. So you’re taking a gamble on what you order when you visit the Malvern Buttery…but you’re never gambling on flavor. Every visit is sure to be a delicious adventure!


Gryphon Coffee Co – Wayne

A quaint coffee shop located in the heart of Wayne, PA. They also have locations in Westchester and Kensington. Gryphon Coffee Co. offers a large variety of drink and food options. This cafe is the perfect place to go to enjoy a cup of coffee, food, and artwork. That’s right, artwork! They’re great supporters of the arts, hanging work from local artists on a rotating basis. As for the food, it’s light fare, so this shop is the perfect place if you’re just feeling a little peckish. It’s also, of course, delicious!


Steel City Coffeehouse & Brewery – Phoenixville

Steel City Coffeehouse & Brewery is truly one of the coolest, most unique places you’ll find in the area. The place manages to be part cafe, part pub, and part small concert venue. The atmosphere inside is truly unique, and definitely really cool. (Don’t believe it? Check out the virtual tour on their website.) They truly have something for everyone. Whether you like bar bites and beer, coffee and pastries, or cool local sounds and open mics, you should definitely stop by this place.

steel city coffee house and brewery


Pour Richards Coffee Company – Devon

Located in Devon, PA, Pour Richard’s works directly with farmers. You’ve heard of farm-to-table? Well, get ready for bean-to-cup. Pour Richard’s is as dedicated to the art of coffee as vineyards are to their wine. They have an international menu that changes seasonally to assure that their customers always get the freshest, most authentic, delicious coffee. In addition, they partner with local bakeries in order to get all of their delicious treats, so when you eat there, you’re supporting local twice! Think they can’t get any cooler? Think again: They also host events, such as fundraisers, auctions, and classes on the impact of coffee on the world.

pour richard's coffee


Fabio & Danny’s Station Cafe – Wayne

Located in Wayne, PA, at the train station, this cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as coffee and other drinks. They have a juice bar with a wide array of different juices to try. Fabio & Danny’s Station Cafe has a sandwich special for every train stop on the Main Line, from the standard PB&J (The St. David’s) to a meatball sandwich (The 30th Street), there’s something for everyone. There are also 10 different kinds of coffee to choose from. They sometimes have live music or storytelling for kids in the mornings. They do a full BYOB dinner on Friday nights. You can even pick up little gifts or books there, at more than reasonable prices. 

fabio & danny's station cafe


Café Isla – Media

Cafe Isla is located in Media, PA, previously called 7 Stones Cafe. When new owners Rachelle and Evan bought the place (after working there together for a while first) they decided to rename it to better fit their idea of what a cafe should be: An island, away from work, home, and the rest of everyday life. This cafe offers and a full drink menu–and we mean FULL, from breakfast coffees and teas to fruit purees to dessert drinks! They also over simple meals, like bagels, sandwiches, and sandwiches; they partner with local businesses for much of the food they serve, like Jerome’s Breads and Sweets, European-inspired treats made from locally milled grains. This place is definitely worth checking out!

cafe isla media


Ebru Coffee Roastery – Audubon

Located in Audubon, PA, Erbu Coffee Roastery serves delicious drinks. They take pride in the art of making coffee at every step, and it shows: All the reviews on this restaurant are glowing, and many say after they leave that it changed their perspective on coffee. The restaurant is farm to table and even has some food options as well. They have a unique menu that can not be found elsewhere, like homemade muffins, fruit fizzes, and sandwiches on extra-fermented sourdough. Stop by and try it, they never disappoint.




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