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Moving Tips For New Homeowners: Don’t Be Overwhelmed!

By September 24, 2020Housekeeping, Real Estate

Congratulations! You’ve picked out a home, been approved for a mortgage, done all the nitty gritty negotiating, and finally made it to the finish line by closing! You own a house!

Now what?

There’s no getting around it: Moving is stressful. You look around at all the stuff you’ve accumulated and realize: Somehow, all of this has to be packed away and taken to a completely different place. And at some point, while you’re thinking that, your brain starts to explode just a little bit. This seems like a huge, insurmountable task.

Well, as somebody who has watched, and even participated in, several moves over the years, let me tell you with authority: It’s not as bad as you think. If you take some time well in advance of the move and break up your tasks into little, individual chunks, I can promise you you will be absolutely fine.

But don’t just take my word for it: Blogger Michael John has some excellent tips on how exactly to go about moving, step-by-step. These moving tips were so helpful I just had to share, so without further ado:

Essential Moving Tips For New Homeowners

By Michael John, SEO & SMO Strategist
moving tips

If there is one thing that seems super easy but is a painstaking task, it is this: relocation!

Moving houses looks quite simple when we talk about it. Because, hey, what is problematic about packing your stuff and shifting it to a new space, right? However, no, even though it may seem easy, it is an elaborate process. From deciding on the necessary steps to make the new home functional to packing every item carefully, moving requires planning and efficient management.

However, it proves helpful to know some useful tips and tricks to make the process simplified and straightforward. Such recommendations can reduce the workload immensely and will make sure you also get some time to enjoy this big move.

Keeping this in mind, we have drawn out a list of some useful relocation tips that you can use to ease moving for yourself!

Moving Tip #1: Relax

We admit, this is less of a moving tip and more of a general life tip, but you should heed it nonetheless.

It is natural to start panicking when you see the colossal amount of packing you have to do to move out. However, we advise the contrary. Stressing and worrying out will only make things worse for you. It is a proven fact that fretting spoils the task at hand rather than making it any better. You will end up forgetting significant matters and details,which will only add to the stress. Therefore, we recommend you calm down. Relax and know that in no time, you will be at your new place, starting a new phase in your life! Feel happy about it.

Moreover, to stay relaxed and have an enjoyable relocation start prepping for your move-out a month before the date. The sooner you do all your tasks and errands, the better. This way, you will only have to fret about the most significant issues near the relocation day.

Moving Tip #2: Planning

Now that your nerves are under control, it’s time for us to hit you with the real moving tips…and time for you to start planning! Planning may seem like a clichéd thing to do, but it is not. It is very crucial to plan out all your activities in life, and relocation is not different. Planning will help you in chalking out a detailed relocation strategy. It will also assist you in remembering all the essential tasks that you might forget if you do not list them down. Therefore, a thorough move-out plan is a must.

Start with listing all the things that you need to do step-by-step. You can also create a checklist that you can use to tick-off the relocation tasks as you go around doing them. A solid plan will also make you feel at ease and stress-free since you know things are achievable, and your relocation will not blow out of proportion.

moving tips

Moreover, list down all the service providers you may need, call them up and book a slot beforehand. If you are relocating to somewhere far, you may require long distance movers to shift your belongings.

Moving Tip #3: Ask For Help

Shifting to a new house is overwhelming. There is a lot to do and sort out. Besides, if you live alone, it becomes even more exhausting.

This is where you should call up your friends and family and ask for some help. (Actually, our real moving tip on this one is to ask for help BEFORE you start feeling this way. Being overwhelmed is almost inevitable, so you may as well ask for the help early on so that you can beat it.)

You can assign tasks to your available friends or get them to help you out with packing your things. Whatever so, asking for help is fine, and you should do it if you think managing it all alone is not easy.

Moving Tip #4: Pack Smart

The most extensive phase of relocation is packing. Once you dive into it, you realize the massive number of things that need sorting and boxing. It is normal to have a pile of items stocked in your house where you have lived for years.

Please take it slow. Do not declutter all at once. Choose one room at a time and start decluttering things. Bonus moving tip: It is also an excellent opportunity for you to discard things that you do not need anymore. We often hoard things up over time and rarely think of discarding items that we do not want. It would be best if you utilized this time only to pack the essential things for your new place so that there is no excessive burden during moving.

When it comes to packing your clothes, try to pack them while they are on the hangers.By choosing this method, you will save a lot of time unpacking them.You will only have to pull them out and hang them as it is in the new wardrobe! One other significant thing to remember is to keep the heavier items in the bottom and the light-weighted items on the top to avoid any breakage from happening.

moving tips

Moving Tip #5: Create A Labelling System

Do you know what is more complicated than packing all the things? That is unpacking them! You will be a mess if you do not have an adequate labeling system. Once you start unpacking, you will bless yourself for labeling where all the things are packed.

Try getting color-coded cardboard boxes. You could also label them according to the room they belong to and – this part this moving tip in particular is very important – make a separate list of all the items that the box holds.

Think, for example, you are packing your bedroom stuff. You can label each box as B#1, B#2, and so on. On a separate sheet of paper, list down what each of these boxes holds. It is a perfect way to pack, which will make your unpacking super systematic. You will only have to place the designated boxes in their rooms and start unpacking. (Plus, when you inevitably do not end up unpacking all at once, you don’t have to rifle through all your boxes to find that one item you need.)

You should also not mix things up, and assign particular boxes for each room. Once you start unpacking, you will not do it all at once. When you have separate packages for each room, you can quickly unpack and setup one room at a time in the new place. It is the proper way and will save time!


Relocation is a difficult phase, which needs quite a lot of pre-planning and careful management. It is your move to a new place, and you would not want to taint with a mismanaged move-out. My advice is to keep the tips mentioned earlier in mind and execute a stress-free and smooth relocation. I hope these moving tips help!

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