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Selling your home can be a stressful and emotional process.

However, if you are a potential home-seller, I have some good news for you: collecting the energy and willpower to get started is the toughest part! Once you have properly prepared for selling your home, you can sit back and relax! Your agent will take care of all the technical aspects of selling your home, such as marketing and scheduling showings and home inspections. They will also help with mortgage applications, escrow accounts, appraisals, title reviews, as well as order all tax and sewer certifications and organize settlement set up. Just remember that you’ll be asked to be out of your home for showings to potential buyers. Here are some of my recommendations of things you should do to prepare for selling your home:
  • First, research the current housing market to determine whether or not it is a good time for selling your home. Right now it’s a seller’s market! This means it’s a great time to sell because there are more buyers than homes being sold.
  • Find out the value of your home. You can use my free home valuation here!
  • Select an experienced agent who will help you get the best price for your home and work hard to sell it.
  • Assemble any and all documents related to your property. Having these easily accessible will help keep the selling process moving smoothly. These documents include:
      • Your mortgage information
      • Any home warranties
      • Copy of deed
      • Title report
      • Property tax information & property tax bill
      • Homeowners insurance information
  • Begin to de-clutter your home and give away things you won’t need in the future. I have many resources to help you with this.
  • Depersonalize your living area and prepare for home staging.
  • Repair or replace items that are broken, near broken, or old. Your home will be inspected. Ignoring problems is not the solution! Get a jump on the inevitable inspection by performing your own pre-listing home inspection and go about your house looking for things that need fixing.
Using a full-time, professional realtor makes a huge difference in the selling process. We see the bumps in the road before you hit them and help make what can be a stressful process as smooth as possible. I am ready to help you! Questions? Contact me today

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