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It’s so easy to get caught up in the routine of our everyday lives that we forget to keep up with the seasons and sometimes find ourselves putting away our Christmas decorations in June. An easy way to remind yourself to enjoy the summer season is by adding curb appeal through the decoration of your front porch. Especially for those trying to sell their home, decorating the front porch is a great place to start attracting potential buyers. Not only is your front porch the first thing visitors encounter when they come to your home, but it is also visible to passersby on your street. Staging it properly will leave a good first impression and add curb appeal!

To decorate your porch, it is important to first choose a theme. There are many colors and themes associated with summer, so chose one that speaks to your own personal taste. Here are a few summer themes I’ve come up with that may help you draw attention to your porch.

1. Tropical

  • This is a good theme if you like pops of bright colors and fun patterns
  • Suggested colors: pink, turquoise, orange, white
  • Some popular tropical patterns include: pineapple, flamingos, watermelon, palm leaves.

If this theme appeals to you, time to have some fun! Consider purchasing succulents (real or fake!) to bring some greenery onto your porch. Get some fun accent pillows for your outdoor seating arrangements or if you’re feeling extra ambitious, think about getting a couple of fun-colored lawn chairs. Purchase a colorful welcome mat or make a DIY summer wreath to make that front door inviting for your guaranteed guests. Finally, add some lighting, whether this be in the form of funky string lights or pretty candles.

2. Patriotic

  • Summer opens with Memorial Day, contains Flag Day (June 14th) and the 4th of July, and closes with Labor Day. It is a season of American pride, filled with barbeques and backyard games. Why not add some red, white, and blue to your porch?
  • Flag holders are cheap and easy to install, just remember to always take proper care of the American flag.
  • Suggested colors: red, white, blue

If you like this theme, consider hanging some rustic stars on your porch wall or patriotic bunting to the side rail to add some character to your home. If you’re more on the crafty side, paint some mason jars or simply place some mini flags in a decorative vase. Red checkered pillows would look great on a rocking chair or bench. Burlap and denim are both good decorating materials to complement this theme. As for lighting, classic string lights would look excellent but if you’re looking for something more rustic, try placing some lanterns. Once again, don’t forget to spice up your front door with a patriotic wreath. I suggest a beige or neutral-colored rug to complete this look.

3. Classic Summer

  • If you’re not looking to go all-out with decorating, you may enjoy doing some light decorating for a classy summer look
  • Suggested colors: cool colors: yellow, light blue, light green, white

There are some easy ways to decorate for this theme. For instance, a glass bowl of lemons or a vase with sunflowers would look nice as a centerpiece on a porch table. Cream-colored candles or yellow string lights would complement the look nicely. Consider hanging a simple cotton wreath on your front door and maybe even purchasing some hanging plants for a pop of natural color. As for throw pillows, light blue and yellow might trick you into thinking that it’s cooler than it really is. If you are feeling a bit more on the DIY side, consider going to a local thrift store to buy a bench and stain it any color you want.

For whichever way you choose to decorate, I had Kathy Kosciewicz, Founder and CEO of Brandywine Staging and Design, give me some easy tips. “Remove cobwebs!” Kathy says, “Many homeowners enter their home through the garage so the front porch area can become overlooked. Getting rid of those cobwebs will create a fresh atmosphere with sparkling light fixtures.” Kathy also suggests that when trying to sell your home, remove window screens for “a better first impression and more natural light.” Remember, there is no right way to decorate! Do as much or as little as you want and create your own aesthetic. I encourage you to choose decorations and layouts that reflect your personal taste. Staging your porch adds personality to your home, so feel free to express yourself through staging!

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