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Fall Decorating – Prepare Your Home For Autumn!

By October 23, 2020Decor

It’s happening: The leaves are finally beginning to turn and fall! Despite the unusually warm weather this week (who else had to go dig some summer clothes out of the bin they just put away?) fall is very definitely upon us, with the reds and oranges and yellows appearing in the trees and on the ground – and that means it’s time for some fall decorating.

Fall is one of my favorite times of year, and fall decorating always makes me smile, with so many beautiful, rustic, and cozy decorating options. I am going to list all my favorites trends for you – I hope it inspires you to make your home feel as cozy as fall makes it feel!

(This goes double if you’re looking to sell and showing your home to potential buyers – anything that can help them envision themselves in the space is an immeasurably good thing!)

fall decor

First, I would start with identifying your home’s color scheme. Whether it be neutrals, such as beige or cool grey, or warmer tones such as a light brown, or even dark tones such as plum, burgundy and forest green, you can almost always find a palette to work with when it comes to fall decorating. All of these palettes I mentioned are perfect for this season, and there are so many decor options for all different home color schemes.

If your home features mostly soft neutral tones, I would recommend adding some pops of color. Purchase some beautiful throw blankets in plaid, flannel, or even cable knit, and mix and match with the similar throw pillow patterns. These fun patterns will help to liven up the space and make all your guests feel right at home.

In addition, you can never go wrong with adding pumpkins or gourds to your decor. Head on over to your local craft store and pick up some faux white and orange pumpkins to really hit the fall decorating out of the park

fall decor
fall decor
fall decor

Living Room

When it comes to fall decorating for your living room, fill up your couches with some buffalo check pillows and soft/cozy blankets.

Make sure you add some nice subtle decor to your mantle; maybe some pictures frames placed strategically over a fall leaf garland, or even just some pumpkins with a mixture of candles.

When decorating, try to keep a consistent scheme so everything flows together nicely. Maybe even consider adding a few autumn-scented candles to a room. This will not only enhance the look, but will also make any room smell like fall; I really love Bath & Body Works’ fall scents. “Leaves” is a particularly good one this year, it smells like apples and cinnamon with the barest hint of that smell you get when raking leaves outside.

fall decor
fall decor
fall decor

Dining Room

When it comes to fall decorating for your dining room, nothing is more appealing then a nice detailed dining room table setting. Some things you will need include a table runner, place mats, cloth napkins, matching china, and a statement centerpiece.

Feel free to have some fun with this setup; add pops of color or maybe even keep colors neutral with one color accent. Many people like bringing the outdoors inside, using pieces such as twigs, leaves and stones to give the table a more earthy look. Doing this will make for a picture perfect dining room, and not only look adorable for you on the day-to-day but will impress any Thanksgiving guests.

Front Porch

Next, we will move on to decorating the front porch. Three staple pieces I recommend always having are a rocking chair, a fresh doormat, and a seasonal wreath.

Garnish the rest of your porch with strategically placed fall flowers, pumpkins (faux or real), and, if you’re feeling extra crafty, a hay bale. Don’t forget to add a cute fall pillow to your rocking chair to tie the whole look together.

It is important to have your porch decorated so that guests feel welcomed when entering your home – it also adds great curb appeal!

fall decor

As for the rest of your home, add a few pieces of decor as you feel necessary. Maybe go buy a few small faux flower arrangements; place them in the middle of a table or island, over top of a small table runner. Sometimes less is more, and the little details can be what really ties a home together.

And if you’re doing all of this redecorating to stage your home for selling, or are thinking about it, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m happy to help you make the selling process go smoothly, so you have one less thing to worry about as the holiday season approaches.


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