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Six Great Summer Home Renovations To Undertake

By July 3, 2020July 5th, 2020Housekeeping

Happy Fourth of July Weekend everybody! We’re really into the swing of summer now, and since we’re past the initial month of “I’ll get to it at some point this summer” coasting, many of you are probably beginning to think more seriously about your summer projects – including any summer home renovations you may want to make to your home.

I don’t need to tell you that it’s important to renovate and update your home from time to time to keep the value up – things age and need replacing, or otherwise they go out of style and need a quick update – regardless, it’s better to do it bit by bit than to have to scramble to make a bunch of very costly updates when the time comes to sell your place. Plus, if you make regular renovations as you go along, you’ll get to enjoy them as you keep living there. It’s a bit of effort, but the reward of extra comfort goes an immeasurably long way.

Home builder Saheer Gurjot made a couple of blog posts recently on the subject, outlining what the six best summer home renovations that you can make are, and why it’s so important to do them in these warmer, milder months. Take note – the last one is especially important!

Of course, the renovations listed here are mostly routine: If you want to read more about a bigger summer home renovation you could make, check out my recent post on the pros and cons of having a pool – that’s a big renovation that would add a lot more value to your home than the routine stuff!

Of course, as always, if you have any questions at all, no matter how small, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me by phone or email – I’m always happy to help a homeowner in need!

Now, without further ado, here is the best of Mr. Gurjot’s advice!

The Best Summer Home Renovations You Can Make

The warm temperatures and pleasant environment associated with the summer season makes said period an optimal time for many homeowners to tackle needed home renovations. Optimal projects often tackled during the warmer months include:

summer home renovations

Power Washing

Significant cleaning of a home’s exterior shouldn’t occur during the winter for several reasons. First, the water utilized for such purposes can freeze and potentially precipitate damage to a residence’s external components. Additionally, dust, dirt and other environmental debris are more likely to accumulate in the wake of adverse weather conditions, such as snow and ice storms.

Therefore, the summer is considered the most optimal period to wash and dry the exterior of a home, multi-family dwelling or commercial property. Not only will this relatively inexpensive but powerful cleaning endeavour remove unsightly materials but prevent the accumulation of potentially harmful particles, like mould or allergens, which can thrive in the warm, moist air often felt during the summer.

Though this project can be a do-it-yourself undertaking, home improvement professionals encourage home or property owners to retain the services of experienced power washing companies. An improperly executed power wash could result in damage to a home or building’s exterior.

Window Replacement

Industry professionals maintain that summer is the most optimal season for window replacement. Performing said task during colder periods can not only be uncomfortable, but precipitate increased heating costs associated with allowing excessive concentrations of cold air to enter a structure. Additionally, new windows could also prevent increased levels of heat from entering said location, which could significantly reduce energy costs attributed to excessive air conditioner operation.

The Installation Of New Exterior Siding

Those employed in the home renovations industry suggest that summer is the perfect occasion to replace ageing or damaged exterior siding. Though sometimes overlooked, siding is critical to a home or building’s well-being. Poorly maintained or deteriorated materials can rot, attract insects, grow mould or leak. Any of these problems could threaten the safety and well-being of those residing inside said structures and result in costly repairs.

That said, the installation of siding can be an intricate and time-consuming process optimally performed when external conditions are warm and pleasant. Moreover, few projects enhance a residence’s curb appeal than new siding. Curb appeal defines how pleasing a home or building’s view is from afar. During the summer, more individuals are out and about, and few improvements can increase the aesthetic value more than shiny, new siding.

Roof Replacement

Much like siding, a structure’s roof may be taken for granted. However, many home renovations professionals maintain that the roof is the most crucial component comprising a residential or commercial structure. This covering protects the patrons or residents of such entities from temperature extremes and other harsh weather conditions, such as precipitation and wind.

That said, old or deteriorating roofs can create a variety of potentially serious problems, including rotting and leaks. Should these issues grow pronounced, the structural integrity of the location in question could face a challenge. Such circumstances could lead to expensive repairs. Furthermore, residents and patrons could expose themselves to excessive energy costs and possible health ramifications.

Roofs can be remediated or replaced throughout the year. That said, such projects are often complicated and time-consuming jobs for which poor or cold weather can delay their completion. Ergo, home or property owners should undertake said endeavours during the summer.


Home improvement professionals suggest that the summer season is the most appropriate time to execute interior and exterior painting jobs. Painting projects, especially those performed indoors, often require home or property owners to cover or relocate furniture and cover floors with protective materials in the event of spillages. Moreover, paint’s fumes necessitate the need to keep windows open for extended durations. Said endeavours are most suited for the summer when outdoor temperatures are favourable for such conditions.

Furnace Repair

Most people do not think about their furnace until the cold weather kicks in during the fall and winter. Then, they start up the HVAC system and wait for hot air to come pumping through the vents. At this point, some people realize they need to service their furnace. Other people wait until well into the cold season to see if something goes wrong. Only then do they invest in furnace repair. While this approach is not uncommon, it may not be the best way to go about things. In fact, the best time to think about your furnace may be during the summer.

There are several reasons to do this one actually, but number one is that you will get your appointments sooner. Think about it: It has happened to most homeowners. It is the coldest day of the winter, and what happens? Your furnace goes out. You put a call into the furnace repair shop, but there are no available appointments. You are stuck freezing for a full day or two before a technician can get out to your home and address the problem. This occurrence is common because service technicians are in high demand during the fall and winter. With so many people needing support for their furnace, appointments are highly competitive.

By that same token, you’ll also probably get better rates in the summer. Think about it in terms of supply and demand. During the winter, demand is high, which means that prices can go up, and people will still gladly pay. In the summer, when furnace work is slow, there is not much demand. Many companies could offer discounts on work during times like this.

Not only that, but equipment could also be on sale. During the summer, many furnace suppliers are trying to clear out their old inventory to make room for new parts and models.

Most importantly, though, when you replace your furnace in winter, you won’t experience a lapse in performance, and the cold won’t catch you by surprise: So that situation I described earlier will never be a problem for you and your family!


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