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Great Main Line Dog Parks

By April 2, 2020Around Town

Lately, it certainly feels like there aren’t many things we can do. It’s good that businesses are closed of course – in the long run, this will help us all. Still though, sitting inside for days on end gets old very quickly. (You can only do so many online personality quizzes in one day.) Luckily, spring has just about sprung, and there are a host of outdoor activities you can do that are completely CDC-approved. One of those outdoor activities? Taking your dogs to one of the many great Main Line dog parks out there! 

As long as you’re staying six feet away from others and touch as few surfaces as possible, taking your dog to a park is totally a-ok: and it’s great for you! You dog will love being able to run free in the fresh air – and you’ll find it refreshing to get outside your home and walk around in the sun for a while, even if you were never really much of an outdoorsman before.

Now, you should note that it’s quite possible that these parks have varied their hours or their rules to comply with COVID-19 regulations. Before you go, call ahead or check their websites to be sure you won’t be blindsided when you get there, or that you don’t accidentally break any rules while there. 

Without further ado, here’s a list of some great dog parks on the Main Line, for you and your furry friend!

Haverford Reserve

Haverford Reserve Dog Park

 Haverford Reserve Dog Park  is completely fenced in, and free of charge to enjoy the day with your pet. They have two off-leash areas for your friends: One for small dogs and another for large ones. This park plenty of shade to keep you and your pet cooled off, picnic tables and seating, along with a covered pavilion in case it starts to rain. There is also agility equipment for dogs to play on to test their strength and athleticism – great to expend all that energy they have before they get home! There are also LED lights that come on at night that make this Main Line dog park a truly beautiful place to be.

One of the most wonderful things about this free Main Line dog park is that it is run by the town, volunteers, and donations, which means it’s a truly well-loved part of the Haverford community! And it is – many frequent guests say that not only have their dogs made regular friends at the park, but so have they. They offer tons of community activites – some of which are more for people than dogs! In the past, they’ve done training activities, pictures with Santa or the Easter Bunny, Halloween parades, paint and sips, CPR training, and more.

Rolling Hill Park

Rolling Hill Park

1301 Rose Glen Road, Gladwyne PA


This is not strictly a dog park, but it is very dog-friendly: Leashed dogs are more than welcome to join their owners and explore on any of the park’s many hiking and nature trails, and from sunrise to 9:30 AM or 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM they are allowed unleashed on certain marked trails as well. There is also a fenced-in, off-leash area for dogs to play freely in. On hot sunny days, dogs can cool off in a nearby creek. This Main Line dog park is a great place for hikers and nature-lovers to go and enjoy natural beauty with their furry pal.

That’s not all there is to do at Rolling Hill Park: History-loving dog owners will love to learn about local history while there, including viewing the estates of three famous families, as well as finding barns and other ruins along the trails.

Note that if you do want to take your dog off-leash in the park, there is a permit and a fee. You can apply for one here.

West Mill Creek Park

West Mill Creek Park

710 Mill Creek Road, Gladwyne PA

This park is also not strictly a dog park, but dogs are more welcome here! They’ll enjoy the freedom to run and play on the trails of-leash from sunrise to sunset (before and after they must be leashed for their safety). They can also play in the West Mill stream at the posted access points.

Human companions won’t be short of entertainment at this Main Line park either, though: Nature lovers should check out the Nature Respite garden to see and learn about that natural habitats of local pollinators and songbirds.

You must have a permit to have a dog at the park: The same permit as available for Rolling Hill park, linked above, is valid for both.

Wagsworth Manor

Wagsworth Manor, Malvern PA

Wagsworth Manor isn’t a dog park, but your dogs will be just as excited to go: It’s a Pet Resort located in Malvern, PA. They offer  many amenities for your pets, such as grooming, doggy daycare, swimming (dogs only), as well as other, seasonal events. They also do drop in play-dates, and training sessions, from puppy preschool to good manners sessions. If you’re looking to give your pet a fun spa day, or to have them learn something new this is the place to go!

In addition, they also offer pet boarding, so if you’re going to be going away for a while, you can give your furry friend a vacation too! Here’s what they offer:

  • Dogs: They maintain a climate-controlled space to ensure that your pet is comfortable no matter what season. They offer “suites” with elevated beds, soothing music, decorative murals.
  • Cats: Fully climate controlled, fluffy bedding and toys, multi-level lounging, 2 meals a day.

Pet boarding also has a variety of amenities and add-ons to choose from, such as early afternoon nap time, tuck in service, private/group play, private/group swim, and one-on-one time.

Your pet will enjoy the 24,000 square feet indoor space, the indoor salt water swimming pool, along with 6 acres of mud free k9 grass. Wagsworth Manor really is a pet haven!

Schuylkill River Dog Park

Schuylkill River Dog Park

Located on S. 25th& Spruce Street, Philadelphia PA

This park offers two fenced-in areas: One for large dogs and one for smaller ones. There is also a much larger, open space where owners with well-behaved dogs can let them off leash to run around while they enjoy a nice picnic, or simply socialize and enjoy nature. In addition, there is a hose, fountain for your dog to stay cool or clean off after rolling around in the grass.

You should note that this is a somewhat smaller area, and some owners have said it gets crowded on the weekends – so if your dog is timid or shy, or easily spooked by other dogs, you should try to start out going during less crowded times of the day.

Kent Dog Park

Kent Dog Park

3900 Bridge St, Drexel Hill PA

This beautiful park has 10 acres of beautiful space along the Darby creek, under the historic Lindbergh bridge. They have a separate, fenced-in area just for dogs that includes a covered pavilion, benches, water, complimentary litter bags, and, of course, plenty of space for puppy pals to run and play. In the rest of the park, there is also hiking, fishing, and a playground, for those who want to explore.

The fenced-in dog play area is separated by double gates to keep dogs from escaping by accident. The area is separated in two: One for small dogs, and one for large dogs (over 25 lbs). Access requires a key fob that one gets when you register and pay a small annual membership fee to the town for upkeep. Registration forms can be found here.


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