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Paoli Train Station Project & New Apartments Update

By March 11, 2020March 17th, 2020Around Town
The Paoli train station has been undergoing some renovations that are going to lead to some big and very impressive changes. As a local Paoli realtor, I’ve been paying very close attention to this process, because they’re going to bring a lot of new and exciting things to our town – new traffic patterns, more accessibility, new businesses, and the new Airdrie Apartments; and that’s just the planned changes. There’s no accounting for all of the positives that will come from having a newly refurbished transportation hub in town.
It’s all very exciting – and so close to opening! The project will be completed in 3 phases, and phase one is already complete. It was projected to be finished by Summer 2020… however, with recent complications in mind, nobody would be surprised if that date needed to be pushed back.
Regardless, though, when it’s finished, I have no doubt that the Paoli Train Station project will be considered a huge success, and will improve life in numerous ways. Let’s take a lot at the plans and progress so far.

Phase One

Phase one, “Paoli Intermodal Transportation Center,” was the beginning of the Paoli train station project. The purpose of phase one was to bring the train station into compliance with the 2006 Department of Transportation, as well as the accessibility standards of the Americans with disabilities acts standards.

Now that phase one is completed, the station is in full ADA compliance and accessible for all users.

Phase One of the project included:


  • New center high level platform
  • Elevators
  • Ramps
  • Pedestrian Overpass
  • Parking Lot improvements
  • ADA improvements to the existing station building
  • Improvements to the existing rail infrastructure

Phase Two

Phase two of the train station project is known as “Paoli Transportation Center Highway Improvements Project.” Phase two of the project will include:

  • Replacing existing bridge on North Valley Road which crosses over Amtrak and Septa rail lines
  • New bridge that will redirect roadway to the intersection of Lancaster Avenue and Darby Road

Phase Three

Phase three is the “intermodal station and parking garage” portion of the train station project. It will include:

  • Additional high-level platform on the outbound side
  • New waiting area
  • Ticket offices
  • Additional Passenger amenities
  • Enhanced bus facilities
  • 600+ space commuter parking garage
  • Possible retail storefronts

This is the truly exciting part, as it will take our station from a small waystation to a larger transportation hub, and perhaps draw new interest in the area! This will also be a boon to those who take the train to work in the morning – imagine being able to grab breakfast and coffee right at the station!

The Airdrie Apartments at Paoli Station

The Airdrie apartments at Paoli Station are the new apartments that should be ready by Summer 2020.  Above and below are some of the sample photos from the website for the developer – an approximation of what the building and units should look like.

This location is expected to be a premier location for the new apartments, and the demand is high with its great walking score and proximity to shops – and new and improved transportation, of course. Luxury apartments located near the train are super for commuters to Philadelphia, and a Main Line location and top Tredyffrin-Easttown School District also make the Paoli station apartmetns great place to consider for your new home.

Paoli rentals are hard to come by, so if you are thinking about making a move, now is an excellent time to inquire about these stunning new homes. The builder is IMC Construction, and Linden Lane is the developer.  For more information, go to the Tredyffrin Township page for Station Square Apartments, or go to the Airdrie website itself.


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