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5 Fun Leftover Paint Chip Crafts

By July 19, 2019January 24th, 2020Decor

If you have a million of those little paint samples laying around your home after a room makeover, sure, you could just throw them out. OR you could pick up a few more, throw in a little DIY magic, and make an accent piece to compliment your new room, a cute invite, or something you’ll use every day! Here are five ideas for adorable paint chip crafts that you can make yourself.

(Note: If you’re not keen on the idea of testing the limits of how many free samples the hardware store will allow you to take, you can also sometimes order these things in bulk from the store if you ask.)

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paint chip crafts

1. Paint Chip Mosaic

If a piece of cool, abstract art is exactly the kind of accent piece you’re looking for, try this paint chip craft from lfkdesigns on Instagram. This mosaic is quite involved and complex, and uses tiny pieces, but you can make yours easier, with bigger pieces, if you want! The important thing is to just have fun with it.

2. Paint Chip Cards

You can cut these cute little things into all kinds of shapes, no matter what the occasion. Instagram user stephiloo made christmas cards out of hers, but you could use them for anyting – even party invitations! Halloween characters, Easter eggs, or even an umbrella (perfect for a shower)! The lines create interest, AND are the perfect place to write your party details or messages to your loved ones. Check out another original version of this paint chip craft here.

paint chip crafts
paint chip crafts

3. Paint Chip Accent Wall

You can do this in the room you’re painting, or in a kids’ room or a playroom. As you can see from this photo by christina_coker on Instagram, You’ll need a LOT of paint chips to take up the whole wall, but it makes for a really cool tiling effect. This paint chip craft can be done with all different swatches, or all the same, or any pattern you can think of! (THIS might be the one you want to call and buy the paint chips in bulk for.)

4. Paint Chip Calendar

If you want to make your wall calendar really pop (so that maybe you’ll stop forgetting to check it or update it) try this paint chip craft by purplenailbandit on Instagram! All you need is a frame, the blank piece of cardboard it comes with, a dry erase marker, and your paint chips. The cool bonus of this craft is that you’ll never have to buy a new calendar again; just write over the old one. Instructions for this craft can be found here.

paint chip crafts

5. Paint Chip Bookmarks

If you love to read, you’ll definitely want to keep a few of these around. (This way, if you leave your book out on the table, it goes with the walls!) You can draw on them if you’re feeling extra artistic, but they look pretty on their own, too. This idea from thenerdycreations on Instagram is really cool: You keep a pen on hand, and when you get to a quote in the book you’re reading that really speaks to you, you write it down; then, when you’re finished reading, you have a really cool bookmark that reminds you of the book you read and has some quotes that mean a lot to you!


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