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Declutter Your Home Before Selling

By January 18, 2019June 6th, 2019Real Estate

In order to sell your home, staging is a very important factor. I understand keeping a home perfectly staged is difficult especially when you are still living in the home. I have listed ways to declutter each room which will help keep your house looking professionally staged at all times

Living Room &  Family Room

Family rooms are one of the most difficult places to keep looking neat and tidy. Especially since this is the room everybody spends a lot of time in. Let’s start with couches, make sure blankets are always folded over the top or side when you are away from your couch. Another staple would be to make sure your pillows are fluffed and sitting upright in the appropriate locations.

Next the coffee table is important too. Not only is this usually the center of the room, but it’s so easy for coffee tables to become cluttered. On your coffee table you should have some sort of centerpiece. A good option would be a decorative piece or a table tray to place your remotes. Less is more when decorating your home, the less decor and clutter the better. There is no need to overfill a room with decorations. In addition, this will also allow for your room to feel bigger and cleaner.

When it comes to the side tables, you should stick with one lamp on each. If you would like, you can add one to two small decorative pieces.

If you found yourself having a lot of extra pieces that do not fit, I recommend finding a piece of furniture with shelves or compartments. Next, grab some decorative bins to place these items in neatly. Don’t forget to evaluate all the items that can be thrown away or donated. Donating items is a great way to ensure that a space will not become cluttered again.


First step to decluttering your kitchen would be to completely clear off your countertops. Sometimes the best way to do something is starting with a clean canvas. Before we decide what to put where we should figure out if we can get rid of anything. Once you pick which items you are keeping we will go to the next step.

Let’s start with the island. On your island you can have a centerpiece on top, or a bowl of fruit in the middle. Do not over pack your island with placemats or lots of decor pieces. Remember this is just a suggestion and if you would like to keep your island empty that is a great option also.

When it comes to the rest of the countertops, you should keep these to a minimum. If you are completely out of drawer/cabinet space for cooking utensils grab a decorative jar, fill it neatly, and place it next to your stove. By your sink keep one decorative soap.

A great way to organize your kitchen drawers is to get dividers for utensils, cooking wear, potholders, etc. Not only will this help in the long run but it will save you lots of time when locating cooking ware.

Foyer or Entryway

The entryway or foyer is one of the most important places in your home, since it is one of the first places that guests see. If you have a side table anywhere in your foyer, make sure there is one staple decorative piece on top along with a lamp to help add some extra light. Even if drawers are not visible keep them filled to a minimum.


First step of keeping your bedrooms decluttered, clean, and organized is to make the bed every single morning. The bed is the center of every bedroom and will make the room feel much cleaner. If you are selling your home, make sure your bedding is neutral and simple.

Next, clean off your night tables and dressers. Pick the absolute necessary things to put back on. If you still have extra room then maybe add one or two decorative pieces. As for everything else, store that in a bin either in your closet or donate/throw away the items if you will not use them.

To declutter your closet, make sure all your clothing is neatly hung up or folded in the desired location. You can even purchase a shoe rack or shelf for extra organization.


In order to declutter your bathroom, keep all your personal products such as medicine, makeup, etc. away in either your medicine cabinet or if you have cabinet doors on your sink, keep them organized in there. Clean out all of your cabinets, throw away old/expired products, and make room for only the things that you use frequently.

Do the same thing in your shower/tub as well. Throw away all old or unused bottles. Purchase a shower caddy to carry all your products that can be neatly hung over the shower head or on the wall.

Always keep clean and fresh towels on the rack. Organization is key, if you have open shelving in your bathroom be sure to store items in decorative bins, keep your towels folded, and make sure to keep clutter items to a minimum.

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