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We live in an era dominated by technology with instant access to much information on the Internet. Nearly everything we are looking for we can find via the Internet, either through online stores or specialized apps. Though social media was originally in place as a way to connect with friends and relatives, it is increasingly becoming more popular and useful for businesses.

According to Sprout Social Inc., there are more than 50 million businesses on Facebook, all using the platform to connect with the 79% of Internet users on Facebook. Many businesses also gained a presence on Instagram through establishing a business profile. Instagram ads from businesses are on the rise, which means more companies are marketing their products and services through Instagram.

Social Media Advertisements

Online ads used to have a negative connotation. Most times they did not match our interests, so we found them annoying and would just scroll past. However, the attitude towards online ads is changing. Today, it’s become much harder to scroll past ads because we actually like what we see. Through collection of user data, such as cookies, Facebook and Instagram have made it possible to place ads in front of people who are likely interested in whatever it is you are advertising. This is a great asset for Realtors who utilize social media to promote listings. I have the ability to place photos of current listings in front of audiences who are likely interested in Real Estate or home buying, and who won’t get annoyed seeing my ads.

Facebook and Instagram

There are a few differences difference between Facebook and Instagram when it comes to posting content. Facebook is much more information-heavy than Instagram. I use Facebook to share blog articles as well as display current home listings with all of their features. Instagram is a great platform for sharing high-quality photos, which can include but is not limited to photos of current listings. A professional-looking Instagram page will have an aesthetic appearance. Through the use of hashtags or promoted posts, you can draw users to your page to follow and like your content, to help you sell the houses.

If you are looking to sell your home, be sure to find an agent who uses social media to draw attention to potential buyers. For Real Estate, all it takes is one look from the right person to sell a property!

If you have questions about how I use social media to expedite the home selling process, don't hesitate to contact me today

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